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Accounts Payable Software - Process Improvement - Day 12 of Christmas

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You didn’t think we forgot the last day of Christmas here in AP?

What kind of testament would that be to our consistency on providing insights to AP automation through Accounts Payable Software & Services…counting up to 12 is tricky, but I’m pretty sure we can do it.

With that said, and with the New Year underway, most people go through the process of reflecting upon where they’ve been in the past year and they turn their attention on where they would like to go.  For many, these thoughts lead them to goal setting and practical applications about shedding all the holiday poundage they’ve gained as quickly as possible.  Hence, why all the cardio machines at the gym are crowded as of 5:01 PM for the next two weeks.  For the regulars at the gym, it’s no reason to panic…the yearly resolution rush generally peters out within about two weeks.  That’s about the time it takes for the reality to sink in that change that is meaningful and lasting is tough work.  However, for those committed to the purpose of change, it is motivating work, and work that is worthwhile.

So, for all the would-be leaders and organizational innovators, perhaps it is an appropriate time to weigh and consider your Accounts Payable process. 


Is it bloated with inefficiency?  Are there areas of opportunity to minimize process risks?  Can you foster cohesion among your approver base and provide better visibility to your financial reporting?  Is it possible to improve productivity of your Accounts Payable staff with limited resources to invest?  Do you care about any of these questions?  Should you care?

Our resounding message to you on this is that overwhelmingly, yes!...change is possible.  It may require some heavy lifting up front, but you have to think of how buff you’ll be (efficiency wise) on the back end. So where does the process for improvement start?  Is it a mandate from top – down that we need to improve our financial performance as an organization or is it that you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with respect to your process.

Either way, you have to begin to go through the discovery and evaluation process to map where you’re currently at, and then look to alternatives for improvement.

You’ll see from various posts in our insights blog, that there are several ways to go about improving the AP process.

The list generally looks like this for Accounts Payable Software & Systems overhaul:

It’s quite a lengthy list and can certainly scare off the uninitiated, though for those who have resolved to improve their organization it’s time to get familiar with the equipment that will make a lean and mean Accounts Payable Process.  Think of it like the Cybex & Hammer Strength gear at your local LA Fitness.

This is why most people who are serious about improving their strength, body tone, or general fitness will turn to professional help.  Personal trainers and nutritionists alike are in high demand at this time of the year as they help individuals establish a road-map for personal success for the wise who look to glean their advice.

In similar fashion, we at CloudX would like to extend our professional insights to benchmarking your process efficiency and uncovering process challenges and risks.  By looking at this data in the context of industry metrics, you can confidently move towards improving your stature.  Whether the remedy is maintaining (doing nothing), bringing Accounts Payable software in-house, or partnering with AP services providers through a collaborative approach, we’ll make arecommendation supported by your unique data…and then the choice is yours.

How much do you want to improve in 2013?

And is the juice worth the squeeze?

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