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New Accounts Payable Process Transformation eBook from The Accounts Payable Experts at CloudX

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Four Keys To Accounts Payable Process Value Maximization


The Four Keys To Maximizing The Strategic Value of Accounts Payable


What are they you say?  Unsure?  Well, we've been at this for some time and have a solid handle on the components that lead to total process transformation and peak value to your business. We invite you to read along and educate yourself. For many people the concepts of AP automation or ePayments strategy can be daunting and difficult to pull off for a variety of reasons, but that need not be the case. Additionally, we've incorporated the insights of some of the most reputable third-party industry analyst firms in our assessment in an effort to remain objective.


With this eBook you'll be able to see how it's possible to create unprecedented value in your financial back office and make it a sustainable and sizable contributor to the health of your business! Oh yeah, it's also possible to do this through an arbitrage approach as well. In layman's terms you can do it without shelling out massive capital investment and the hope for the best approach that beleaguers many candidates for Accounts Payable process transformation.


We've got a lot to say in it about the following areas:


  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), E-Invoicing, Accounts Payable Automation

  • Dynamic and Static Process Visibility

  • Early Payment Discount Capture

  • Traditional Payments (Check) vs. ePayments (Wire, ACH, Virtual Payments) 

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