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accounts payable best practices

2 min read

Post Accounts Payable Automation Productivity Metrics Should Look Like This!

Exactly how is AP Automation likened to the B-24?

During World War II, the United States Armed Forces turned to an interesting manufacturing and...

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1 min read

Why Your AP Automation Project Was Squashed by the CFO

Few things stick with people like rejection. 

It’s one of those areas of life that leaves people with vivid memories and can hearken them back to...

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3 min read

Addressing Invoice Scanning in Accounts Payable Automation

How do we scan (get) our invoices in the AP process?

We’re pretty sure this is not a question that Luke Skywalker posed to Yoda in the Dagoba...

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Driving Accounts Payable Software Adoption In Your Business

In Hugh Lofting’s beloved children’s tales about the adventurous Doctor Dolittle, there’s a creature that is unique to his imagination that has made...

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Getting the AP Automation Elephant On Your Side

A Funny Story About Gloves...and Change

Brothers and authors, Chip & Dan Heath established a name for themselves with a fantastic business book, ...

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Why AP Automation in Healthcare, like Rod Tidwell, gets no love!

 "I get no love from Nike...!"

Healthcare is a whirlwind industry to be in at this moment regardless of whether you’re a healthcare provider,...

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Why Accounts Payable Process Perfection Is a Job For The A-Team

It's amazing how fast technology changes!

You buy a smartphone today  and tomorrow it’s obsolete.  The pace of change now moves astronomically.  I...
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Improving The Accounts Payable Process When You Are Behind The Times

It's the question that drives us crazy...

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of your day to day activities, when something you do just...

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