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accounts payable improvement

1 min read

What To Do When Your Accounts Payable Process Sucks

Let’s face it…self-improvement is a major industry in America today.  It seems like new diets are invented, popularized, and circulated perpetually....

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AP Automation Improvements Should Be Process Not Cost Centric

Improvement is an interesting thing. 

Take a hobby/sport (though that is a debate unto itself that rages on) like Golf.  As Mark Twain said ‘Golf is...

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Driving Accounts Payable Software Adoption In Your Business

In Hugh Lofting’s beloved children’s tales about the adventurous Doctor Dolittle, there’s a creature that is unique to his imagination that has made...

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Getting the AP Automation Elephant On Your Side

A Funny Story About Gloves...and Change

Brothers and authors, Chip & Dan Heath established a name for themselves with a fantastic business book, ...

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4 Times to NOT Pursue AP Automation

There’s an expression that goes something like too much of a good thing is never enough. 

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Why AP Automation in Healthcare, like Rod Tidwell, gets no love!

 "I get no love from Nike...!"

Healthcare is a whirlwind industry to be in at this moment regardless of whether you’re a healthcare provider,...

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AP Automation Insights - 3 Ways to Eliminate Late Payment Woes

Fearsome isn't he? 

The expression ‘adding insult to injury’ goes back a long time…a really long time.  According to, “This was...

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1 min read

Eliminating the Accounts Payable Blame Game through AP Automation

 Chazz Michael Michaels is a team should be too!

Everybody in a team setting feels better about their performance upon receinving an...

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Where Accounts Payable Software & Mobile Devices Intersect

Get on the Mobile bandwagon!

In the last ten to fifteen years, workflow solutions have brought many Finance organizations out of the dark ages in...

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