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Improve Accounts Payable (5)

3 Ways to Fund Meaningful Use Initiatives with AP System automation

Healthcare organizations throughout the US have come under many pressures in the last few years.  Challenges to maintain profitability have come to a...

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3 Ways to Disaster-Proof Your AP System

Hurricane Sandy dealt a knock-out blow to the greater NYC region on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Mass Transit services were shut down in...

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AP System: Technology Schmecktology...Just Get Better

In the supply chain automation world, there are a couple of major camps in terms of solutions approaches to facilitating these transactions.  The...

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3 Mistakes To Avoid in Your AP System

You may have heard this expression in the past “If indeed your horse is dead by all means, dismount!” -  Anonymous.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Accounts Payable Process

Tip 1 - Transform your invoices to data upstream

Converting the paper on the front end is generally an easier approach than adopting a true...

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