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We want you to understand the challenges of transforming transactional document processes
and show you how to do so in the most effective ways possible!



The Case for Document Process Outsourcing

Why the market is demanding better alternatives to improve how documents are processed in an organization!
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AP Processing Challenges

We'll discuss the most common issues in Accounts Payable Invoice processing and how to get out from under them.
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Why CFOs Are Ready To Write Off Paper Checks

Why the market is demanding better alternatives to improve how documents are processed in an organization!
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The 7 Best Practices to
AP Automation

CloudX’s critical points on how to do AP automation the right way to achieve sizable and sustainable results!
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AP Automation vs. E-Invoicing:
What's Right for My Business?

A fair comparison between the two predominant approaches to resolving the challenges inherent to most Accounts Payable departments.
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Unlocking Profit from
Transactional Document Processes

A short primer on how to optimize your document processes and transform them from cost to profit centers in your business.
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Uncovering the 7 Costs To Process
an Invoice & What To Do About Them

Get insight to the costs that plague invoice processing and how to slash them!
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Four Keys To Maximizing the
Strategic Value of Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable process need not be a quagmire. It can be highly strategic and valuable to your organization with the help of these four keys!
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We’ll tailor our suite of services to fit your process needs meaning that you can choose to deploy some or all of our tools based upon your priorities and approach to process transformation.
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