Our Technology

Optical Character Recognition

CloudX offers its customers the ability to realize the benefit of OCR technology without the hassle of administering the OCR system or incurring the high costs associated with deploying this technology.

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Business Rules

Using advanced logic and business rules technology we’re able to create processing scenarios that mimic your unique business methods. From exception handling to escalation - CloudX has you covered.

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Automated Workflow

Every organization has unique business processes that are reflected in their own physical workflows. We can help to shape and mold workflows that drive efficiency and productivity - all while mitigating risk.

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Vendor Portal

Through our vendor portal, we are able to help our clients accelerate their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes. By having vendors submit their invoices electronically, they can actively participate in the process while monitoring their submitted documents dynamically.

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System Integration

We offer multiple ways to integrate our suite of solutions to your back-end systems. This can vary based upon the business process we are addressing and can take shape via direct, API level integration, or unique file format structures.

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Document Management

Our robust, scalable, and easy to use document management system is available through your web browser. With our electronic document management system in the cloud, you’ll have all the tools you need to eliminate paper-based document storage.

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Mobile Capture &
Database Synchronization

Our real-time database synchronization enables us to extend mobile devices as distributed capture devices to ingest various documents into your business processes including receipts, invoices, and other miscellaneous documents.

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We’ll tailor our suite of services to fit your process needs meaning that you can choose to deploy some or all of our tools based upon your priorities and approach to process transformation.

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