AP visibility across locations

9 to 12

Scaled from 9 to 12 locations


Paper-free invoice process management


Fusz's accounting had previously been managed by mountains of paper documents and accountants whose processes were note stan-dardized across locations.

  • Discrepancies in AP procedures from one locations to another
  • Slow, paper-based processes created an unscalable AP process

Shifting AP into the Fast Lane

Fusz Auto Group is a 12-Locations auto group based in St. Louis, MO

That was experiencing limitations due to "clunky" accounting Process. APSmart helped them scale from 9 to 12 locations.

Company Name:



St. Louis, MO market


Automatic Network

Accounting System:


How APSMART From CloudX Helped

APSmart transformed fusz' account payable processes with its DealerTrack DMS integration, designed specifically for multi-location auto dealerships. This integration increased visibility and efficiency while helping to scale with the ease of automations.

Return on Investment and future Plans

Fusz's now scalable automations will continue with network visibility across all current and future locations. fusz was able to reduce their team of accountants for 5 to 4 and will continue building efficiency   through intelligent automations. 

“The biggest APSmart benefits for us are standardization and discipline." -Joe Burris

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" I like the efficiency.. I wanted the cost effectiveness, but it truly has helped strengthen the control environment as well."
Joe Burris
CAO, Fusz Auto Network

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