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The CloudX Cultural Charter: Called to be different. Destined to be exceptional.

As we close out this calendar year, it's a great time to reflect, recast, and project out where we intend to be next year and in the years to come.  One of the exciting things is seeing the growth of CloudX from it's conception through it's infancy and on to it's adolescence.  With respect to Document Process Outsourcing, we've been steadily charging along, evangelizing the world with our message of freedom from paper based processes via our cloud solutions, but that's not enough.
With that said, one key thing needs to be in place for any organization to grow well, and that would be it's charter.  In most companies, there will be a utilitarian mission statement, and for the more advanced there could even be a vision statement.  But for the enduring companies, and brands that have made an impact on the market and on people's lives, it's necessary to go a level deeper.  That would mean getting into values discussions, or lists, and ultimately what those comprise...aka a culture.

Having distilled our collective experiences from companies large and small, and across various sectors, we've honed our Cultural Charter to be both introspective, defining, and shaping.
Please enjoy the Slideshare above and feel free to share or comment on it.  At CloudX, we're busy transforming back office processes across the world, and we're just getting started.
In 2014, we'll be expanding our scope of offerings well beyond the traditional core of Accounts Payable automation to include Relocation Expense Management, Logistics Management, Accounts Receivable Remittance processing, and several other niche solutions that are going to be hugely helpful for our customers.
To do that with excellence, we're going to need the A-team in all of the roles that we'll be creating and growing, and it's our hope that this deep and clear reflection of what our culture is and what we aspire to be will serve as a magnetizing agent to attract those who want to be a part of a company with heart and a cause that matters.
At CloudX, every day is an adventure, and there's tons to be done.  We're pumped for the future, which is very bright and you can count on us for more quality content and solutions in the fields we listed out above.
Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in 2014!
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