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    Invoice Processing

    Exploring Where Accounts Payable Software & ePayments Meet For SMBs

    You know why they call me Prison Mike?

    SMB’s can hardly be categorized “da belle of da ball” in the now famous Michael Scott, aka “Prison Mike”...

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    How much does AP Automation cost? - Updated 2022

    Last updated September 13, 2022, edited by Chris Cosgrove, CloudX Co-Founder


    How much is it?

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    Why Invoice Automation Through Accounts Payable Software Paves The Way For ePayments

    Get The Junk Out

    If you’ve ever seen the TV show Hoarders, you’re in for a real treat.  Through its raw and real approach to exposing the substandard...

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    3 Ways To Stop Accounts Payable Fraud With Accounts Payable Software



    Sometimes You Have To Deal With The Ugly Things


    One might think that by virtue of us living in...

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    The Virtues and Perils of Going It Alone Without Accounts Payable Software

    The Myth of Overnight Success

    You know all too often we look to one hit wonders and overnight successes as the model of greatness that many people...

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    3 Reasons Not To Pursue AP Automation, If You're a Weak Leader

    Now is the winter of our discontent...

    Getting through the winter of your discontent can be a tough thing especially if you’re a leader of a manual...

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    Beginning Your Year End Accounts Payable Process Planning for FY2016

    So what's the game plan?

    Well, it’s that time of the year again...year-end coming on quickly, holidays, strategic planning, budgeting, yatta yatta...

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    Why Accounts Payable Process Leaders Are Capturing More Early Payment Discounts

    It’s curious how organizational priorities can change over time and seasons.

     It certainly has to do with organizational directions, business...

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    The Biggest Problems Accounts Payable Process Managers Face

    Leading is never an easy thing, perhaps now more so than ever.  

    Decisions, right, wrong, or indifferent are made at increasingly rapid rates, and...

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    5 Ways An Automated Accounts Payable Process Can Make You Rich

    Well, the ‘royal’ you as it were at least.


    No, this post is not the fabled fountain of youth the Ponce de Leon so zealously sought after.  Instead,...

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    5 Misconceptions About Accounts Payable Process Improvement

    People say the craziest things at times.

    Anytime you’re dealing with novel or leading ideas in the marketplace, you’re faced with a slew of...

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