Cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation Best Practices & Delivery Approach 

Many players in the Accounts Payable solution space have done a terrific job of making what should be a fairly simple challenge to solve overly complex and confusing for would-be clients. AP solutions often duplicate the capabilities of Accounting/ERP system functionality and require significant time and resource investment to install and maintain. Also, in organizations that require many approvers to use an AP system, with the foundation of a software licensing model and the correlating cost structure, the price associated with operating one can be excessive.

The CloudX approach to AP is simple, but powerful. CloudX digitizes the conversion of paper invoices to data without taking on the AP function of an organization or creating redundant functionality to your Accounting platform. In this way, a client’s AP staff can remain the process experts with respect to organizational nuances and manage vendor relationships in an effective and cogent manner.

We believe clients should have access to cutting edge technology without big ticket sticker shock and nebulous return-on-investment scenarios. Moreover, they should immediately monetize return on the services that are rendered to them.

As such, we have a zero license fee business model, empowering our customers to leverage our system with scale across their organization, no matter what size without burdening them from a financial perspective. The CloudX APSmart system requires virtually zero IT bandwidth from our client’s already taxed staff. Instead, we bring velocity and clarity to their challenging business process and deliver immediate, tangible results that are evident for all stakeholders to see.

Our solutions are continuously updated and engineered with rich features and modules that are made accessible to our clients automatically. With this in mind, our customers can know that they are truly getting the most efficient platform on the planet for processing their AP invoices.

In all cases, CloudX looks to leverage the most cost-effective and impactful solution in addressing the unique needs of our clients. In some cases there is a business imperative to utilize an existing system or process, whether electronic workflow, image repository, validation process or even physical scanning. We understand that every solution is not necessarily ‘one size fits all’ and as a result, we are extremely flexible in architecting the appropriate modules of our solutions to reflect our client’s needs and goals. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you to gain a thorough understanding of your unique situation.

Our approach to efficient AP invoice processing comprises the following:

  • Invoice Scan & Advanced Capture upstream in the process for data utilization
  • Verification, Validation, & Data Extraction of Invoices with 100% data accuracy
  • Business Rules Engine to drive process per our clients approval procedures
  • Hosted Document Management – For Imaging/Retrieval
  • Electronic Workflow for Invoice Approval & GL Coding
  • Data Conversion to EDI or acceptable format for legacy systems
  • Executive Dashboarding for Key Performance Indicators
  • Vendor Portal for Invoice Dispute Resolution


CloudX approach to Accounts Payable

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