AR Smart

Accounts Receivable Remittance Processing

Don’t let processing payments bog you down. Paper based payment processing can be riddled with challenges, from delays in cash posting, to errors, and even lost information including the deposit itself.

CloudX understands this  and has removed the bottlenecks and choke points in the process.  We start by converting your paper based checks and remittance documents to an electronic format for streamlined processing.


Checks can be immediately deposited into your accounts for maximized cash flow and remittances are automatically applied to the appropriate AR account in your accounting system. As this is happening all image files are auto-indexed in ARSmart for future reference.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in process costs
  • Reduction of errors
  • Elimination of paper in the process
  • Auto posting of remittance information
  • Automated and filtered exception processing for line item discrepancies
  • Improved real time visibility into the process

We're flexible and here for you!

Some clients choose to leverage our entire capabilities and leave the heavy lifting to us – while others may choose to use just the technology solutions. It’s your choice. We’ll help tailor a package that works perfectly for your organization.


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