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Happy New Year!  More status quo for you or are you looking to get operationally jacked and embrace document process outsourcing?

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new day, a new season in your journey!  Many people begin the new year refreshed and invigorated from time with friends and family ready to seize the day.  This is never more evident than when going to your nearby gym where the resolutioners as they are aptly named are so thick they blot out the sun during primetime 5-8 pm hours.  

Certainly less fanfare happens in the bowels of the back office, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an area that goes unexamined.  In fact, some of the most tangible and potent areas for transformation are sitting right in front of you...that is if you’re open to taking hard eyed look at your transactional document processes like AP invoice processing, AR remittance processing, sales order processing, check payments (or should we say virtual credit card payment processing?), and more.

The point is that some folks will decide that enough is enough.  The status quo has been weighed and found wanting, and it is high time that something be done about it.  But what to do now?  Well, like the resolutioners who turn to the nearest available personal trainer in search of the exercises and tips necessary to transform their bodies, wouldn’t it be appropriate to consult with others that have mastery over the document processes that are plaguing you?So, this isn’t so much an informative, or thought provoking post from us at CloudX today, but more a call to arms!  

If you want to see real change occur in your organization and you want to make your processes as efficient as physically possible, and you’re wondering what to do about it we have some ideas on the matter.

1.  Dive deep into quality content. - Get a perspective for the possible.  In doing so, you’ll refine what the clear issues and priorities are for you to expose, revamp, or implode.  Oh yeah, we've got a bunch of eBooks and blog posts that will help you with this here!

2.  Research solutions for the issues. - Sure, no two solutions are exactly the same, but guess what, your processes will be unless you do something about it and deploy a solution to resolve your outlying issues.  And by the way, just like the gym, no solution is going to be a flip of the switch miracle cure for years of inefficient process patterns that have been allowed to exist without reinvention.  Like the Thighmaster or the Ab-Doer, there is no singular, silver bullet that will cure your process woes.   What will work is a balanced automation campaign that addresses everything from document onboarding to OCR, to validation to integration, including workflows, dashboards, and approvals.  That does not sound pretty per se, but then again getting a one dimensional tool to work out your thighs in the hopes that it’s going to help you back and bi’s would be nonsensical.  So it is with these transactional processes!

3.  Benchmark your current processes and count the costs! - Figure out what your issues (oops, did I mean processes) are costing you today and what they could be costing you in the 2.0 world. Better yet, if you’ve picked up what we’re laying down, what could these processes be earning you...now that is a compelling question…?

4.  Like the man said (Shia Labouef, of course) - JUST DO IT. Pull the trigger and don’t look back! Make something happen! Stick your neck out and create a wake of awesomeness in your operations today! Your teams will thank you...your bosses will thank you...and you’ll have a happier, better existence as you go forward-conquering each day.  Don’t let another year slide by without addressing outlying burdens and issues presented by transactional document processing.  It’s a new day and you can solve virtually any business challenge if you partner up with the right team and make it happen!

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