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The CloudX Accounts Payable Process Manifesto

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It kind of feels funny to make daring statements.  Funny may not be the right word...perhaps risky ? While I’m not sure what the adequate word is to describe it, I can say that it reminds me a bit of Neo at the end of The Matrix, when he makes his declarative phone call to the machines.  In that sense, I think we at CloudX share his quiet confidence about the future of the Accounts Payable process landscape, at least for those who will boldly venture forth into the document process outsourcing paradigm we envision.  

We're going to show you a new world.

For too long, companies have struggled with transactional document processes for which they have no good answers or tangible means by which to improve them.  That’s the whole raison d’etre for CloudX in the first place.  Make a way for the little guy (or gal) so to speak, to have a reasonable chance at tackling tough processes and driving automation home.  The accounts payable process as it has stood for probably years, if not decades, has a majorly rude awakening coming to it.  You see, it’s beginning to dawn on finance leaders out there, that there are other options in terms of contemplating doing nothing, or being priced out of a solution that only the big boys can afford.  With every day that transpires, and every customer we take live, and every integration we build and hone, the validity of pursuing automation for the accounts payable process is more and more of a reality.

The good news is simple for most finance leaders...help is on the way...so you don’t have to be like the damsel in distress in the tower spire anymore.  CloudX is riding in on chariots of fire to consume all paper in our path, and to convert it to something meaningful and malleable, aka data, beautiful data.  

With this quicksilver like data, you’ll be able to pump it and pipe it into your process automagically to affect wonderful business outcomes.

Key impacts will be a litany of the following:

  • Total process visibility
  • Elimination of accounts payable process bottlenecks
  • Late payment fee eradication
  • Early payment discount maximization
  • Duplicate payment evisceration
  • Data entry error elimination
  • Accounts Payable process cycle time slashing
  • AP Staff productivity maximization
  • Inter-departmental collaboration
  • Boosted vendor relations
  • Accounts Payable process transformation and profit center creation
  • Basically anything you can imagine that ends in ‘ion and means your wildest dreams are coming true!

But seriously, it’s the dawn of a new era!  You don’t have to stay mired down by paper any longer and all the headaches it creates in your organization and among your people.  There’s too much on the table to not gain a realization of what’s possible, and what better way to find out than by reading about others who have gone before you.  For more on that, check out this section of our site over here from some other brave folks who decided to tip their apple carts so to speak and the status quo of traditional AP.

Do someone a favor today and herald the good accounts payable process news you’re ingesting right now!

If that’s not your cup of tea and you’re not ready to hop on the CloudX ap automation express, that’s cool, we get it! To each his own, but we’re just saying that the gauntlet is being thrown down and we’re challenging you to apprehend what that means and the potential impacts of making a calculated move to the next level of awesomenicity with us.

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