By using ePayments - you can reduce manual processes, save on paper and receive cash back each month.

Save Time, Reduce Paper & Get Cash Back

Our ePayments is an electronic payment method using a virtual MasterCard account number to pay your suppliers with ease and security. Like a check, each payment is tied to a specific amount, a unique payment number and an expiration date.

Why not use a check?
Submitting an ePayment is better than a check because it can be fully-automated and integrated into your operating system – from payment to reporting to reconciliation.

With our ePayments program, you enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • Keep your current financial institution relationship - we're bank neutral
  • Enjoy easy automation
  • Save money
  • Experience seamless integration
  • Enroll more suppliers
  • Reduce risks to your money
  • Earn monthly cash rebates
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How Does it Work?


Step One: You submit a payables disbursement file to CloudX containing consolidated invoices for each supplier.

Step Two: CloudX assigns a virtual MasterCard account number for the specified dollar amount with detailed remittance information, including your system generated payment number.

Step Three: Your supplier receives payment and authorizes a virtual MasterCard account number, which settles within 24-48 hours.

Step Four: CloudX provides an invoice file of all transactions for automated reconciliation just like a positive pay from the bank.

We Make Paying Invoices Easy

We’ll tailor our suite of services to fit your process needs meaning that you can choose to deploy some or all of our tools based upon your priorities and approach to process transformation.
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