Virtual Payments

Reduce Manual Processes & Paper.  Get Cash Back!

Single-Use Virtual MasterCard® Account


CloudX's Virtual Payments is an electronic payment method using a virtual MasterCard account number to pay your suppliers with ease and security.

It’s like a check because each payment is tied to a specific amount, a unique payment number and an expiration date.

It’s better than a check because it can be fully automated and integrated into your operating system – from payment to reporting to reconciliation.

With CloudX's Virtual Payments program, you enjoy a multitude of benefits.


Key Benefits:

  • Keep your current financial institution relationship as CloudX is bank neutral
  • Enjoy easy automation
  • Save money
  • Experience seamless integration
  • Enroll more suppliers
  • Reduce risks to your money
  • Earn monthly cash rebates

How it works:


Learn more about enrolling your suppliers with the help of our vendor enrollment team.  

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