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Where will you Accounts Payable process improvement road lead?

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Take the road less traveled!

We're super excited to be live and on scene at the Institute of Financial Management's Accounts Payable & Procure To Pay (AP & P2P) Spring Expo here in beautiful, sunny Orlando, FL.

It's a great opportunity for us to showcase our strengths for all the attendees who are looking to improve their accounts payable process and we've already had numerous conversations that have been great!  Many folks have already pursued some level of automation in their AP process, but there's an absolute ton who have not automated their AP invoice processing or even thought about pursuing electronic payments.   Because of this, we're stoked to show people how easy, powerful, and strategic AP can be.

So, if you're at the conference, please stop by booth #416 and give us a visit to see what cloud-based AP automation is all about!

We're registering attendees for our complimentary AP assessment, so they can get benchmarking metrics on their AP process and quantify the gains they can make in this area.  If you haven't benchmarked your process, then please sign up here, as we'd love to do that for you!

We're also raffling off a $50 Amazon Gift Card as part of the conference's passport program and we've got some other cool gifts for you as well if you swing by.

Alright, until later, we'll be seeing you!

-The CloudX Team

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