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Electronic Payments

5 Myths About Virtual MasterCard Payments

Certain myths are cool. 

Consider the unicorn, defined as a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting...

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Accounting Automation Solutions For The People!

If you left this year’s holidays behind and for some reason or other, Santa, your office white elephant, or Great Aunt Mertyl’s gifts to you just...

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4 Problems With Checks & Why To Consider Electronic Payment Solutions

Ho Ho Ho!

As you bustle about in the final days here between now and Christmas, it’s common for most people to tick items off their burgeoning gift...

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3 Reasons to Consider Virtual Payments to your vendors!

Remember the good old days....? 

In recent years, much has been produced on Western TV and in literature with nostalgiac themes as the undercurrent....

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