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5 Ways Integrated Payables Will Maximize Accounts Payable Value

Businesses look for value where they can find it and rightly so

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6 Ways To Improve Accounts Payable Audit Readiness

Let’s face it...some things you have to go through that are just...the worst.

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7 Common Accounts Payable Risks And How To Mitigate Them

Last updated July 6, 2022 by Chris Cosgrove, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder of CloudX

The good book states that "the heart of man is more...

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The Top Nine Accounts Payable Metrics You Should Be Tracking But Probably Aren't!

It's been said that a mind stretched by a new idea can't return to its original dimensions.

You can source that to Oliver Wendell Holmes or Ralph...

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Exploring Where Accounts Payable Software & ePayments Meet For SMBs

You know why they call me Prison Mike?

SMB’s can hardly be categorized “da belle of da ball” in the now famous Michael Scott, aka “Prison Mike”...

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Is AP Automation Worth It?

Count the cost!

It’s always a good idea to determine whether something you’re thinking about doing is worthy of the effort. I mean, who goes blindly...

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Harnessing AI Via AP Automation

Rise of the machines

There’s increasing buzz over the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) in the workplace. With all the B2C impacts we’re seeing...

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3 Reasons To Consider Virtual MasterCard For ePayments

They say you can never get enough of a good thing.

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How much does AP Automation cost? - Updated 2022

Last updated September 13, 2022, edited by Chris Cosgrove, CloudX Co-Founder

How much is it?

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