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3 Reasons Why All Companies Don't Pursue AP Automation

Thank God for good teachers!

I remember learning how to type in high school nearly 20 years ago.  Our witty, sarcastic, wiry, Irish teacher, Mr....

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Why SMB Businesses Are Flocking To AP Automation & Monetization

We want to kick off today's post with a quote:

“High-tech tools for the enterprise are no longer reserved for the largest, most cash-rich...

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Financial Reporting & The AP Automation Imperative in 2017

In today’s post, we want to take some time to review some interesting trends we encountered in our recent industry readings and glean some key...

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Is AP Automation Feasible For Me?

Want to set your AP Automation initiative alight?

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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Is AP Automation Necessary?

Not to state the obvious

It may seem like a foregone conclusion that you would say, well you’re an AP automation provider, and therefore, you’re...

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What is AP Automation?

AP automation is no new thing!

Wikipedia has already done a bang-up job on summarizing it as such, “Accounts payable automation or AP automation is a...

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Addressing Change When Implementing Accounts Payable Workflow Software

Change rarely brings about the best in people.  

In fact, in most people change tends to reveal their character (for better or worse), especially if...

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5 Tips To Deploying Accounts Payable Workflow Software Effectively

If You Want Something Done Right...

We’ve all heard the adage that if you want something done right that you should do it yourself.  While there is a...

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Beyond Accounts Payable Workflow Software

Beyond is a funny word.

By definition it means ‘at or to the further side’ of a given object.  However, the nuance that I’d like to extract out of it...

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Accounts Payable Workflow Software - 3 Reasons Why You Need It

An homage to Otto Frederick Rohwedder

Today’s post will be a sort of odd homage to someone you’ve surely never heard of, but whom I guarantee has had...

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