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accounts payable fraud

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3 Ways To Stop Accounts Payable Fraud With Accounts Payable Software



Sometimes You Have To Deal With The Ugly Things


One might think that by virtue of us living in...

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Using Accounts Payable Automation Tools & Best Practices to Prevent Fraud

Payment Fraud is going down but...

Recent statistics from the AFP (Association for Financial Professionals) indicates that vendor fraud, on the...

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Can AP Automation Technology Really Decrease Fraud Risk?

Ever seen this kind of an affair in an AP organization?

One of the primary challenges that every Accounts Payable process leader has to come to...

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10 Ways An Automated AP System Can Help You Prevent Fraud – Part 1

Dealing with Accounts Payable fraud is no new feat for AP managers and financial executives.  In recent years there have been several notable...

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