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    AP Process

    1 min read

    5 Must Have Tools When Buying Accounts Payable Software

    Decisions Decision

    It’s hard not to like the NBC’s The Office.  Even despite the fact that the show has been off-air for several years, the hilarity...

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    Beyond Accounts Payable Workflow Software

    Beyond is a funny word.

    By definition it means ‘at or to the further side’ of a given object.  However, the nuance that I’d like to extract out of it...

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    1 min read

    Accounts Payable Workflow Software - 3 Reasons Why You Need It

    An homage to Otto Frederick Rohwedder

    Today’s post will be a sort of odd homage to someone you’ve surely never heard of, but whom I guarantee has had...

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    What's the best way to fix my Accounts Payable process?

    I studied history for a reason.  

    It was interesting and I did well at it.  While it wasn’t my initial course of study, I paid attention when I aced...

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    3 Reasons Not To Pursue AP Automation, If You're a Weak Leader

    Now is the winter of our discontent...

    Getting through the winter of your discontent can be a tough thing especially if you’re a leader of a manual...

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    Beginning Your Year End Accounts Payable Process Planning for FY2016

    So what's the game plan?

    Well, it’s that time of the year again...year-end coming on quickly, holidays, strategic planning, budgeting, yatta yatta...

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    1 min read

    Why Accounts Payable Process Leaders Are Capturing More Early Payment Discounts

    It’s curious how organizational priorities can change over time and seasons.

     It certainly has to do with organizational directions, business...

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    Why Virtual Payments & Virtual MasterCard Usage Are Skyrocketing!

    Too much of a good thing is never enough or so they say.

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    The Biggest Problems Accounts Payable Process Managers Face

    Leading is never an easy thing, perhaps now more so than ever.  

    Decisions, right, wrong, or indifferent are made at increasingly rapid rates, and...

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    5 Misconceptions About Accounts Payable Process Improvement

    People say the craziest things at times.

    Anytime you’re dealing with novel or leading ideas in the marketplace, you’re faced with a slew of...

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    1 min read

    Forget Jack-o-Lanterns, Consider These 5 Scary Accounts Payable Process Facts

    Forget Punkin Chunkin...This Is Getting Real...

    Yeah, if you have kids, they’ve probably been buzzing in your ears for weeks about what costume...

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