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Virtual Payments (2)

Beginning Your Year End Accounts Payable Process Planning for FY2016

So what's the game plan?

Well, it’s that time of the year again...year-end coming on quickly, holidays, strategic planning, budgeting, yatta yatta...

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Why Accounts Payable Process Leaders Are Capturing More Early Payment Discounts

It’s curious how organizational priorities can change over time and seasons.

It certainly has to do with organizational directions, business...

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Why Virtual Payments & Virtual MasterCard Usage Are Skyrocketing!

Too much of a good thing is never enough or so they say.

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5 Ways An Automated Accounts Payable Process Can Make You Rich

Well, the ‘royal’ you as it were at least.

No, this post is not the fabled fountain of youth the Ponce de Leon so zealously sought after. Instead,...

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Document Process Outsourcing: Preparing for uncertainty!

The only thing that is certain is uncertainty.  

It does seem that this adage has never been more true as in recent weeks you can see the jitters,...

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Invoice Processing

Some things never cease to amaze us.  

With all the technological and technical advances the world over, it’s nonetheless mind-blowing to me that so...

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Making Your Accounting Operations Lean & Mean in 2015!

Nuf said!

It’s a fact, that this is the time of the year when most folk’s nonchalant New Year’s resolutions are broken.Sadly, too many folks give up...

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Virtual MasterCard vs P-Cards: What’s the difference?

Compare and contrast... 

It’s one of the common themes we learn at a young age in school. It helps us form our arguments and preferences in a cogent...

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5 Myths About Virtual MasterCard Payments

Certain myths are cool. 

Consider the unicorn, defined as a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting...

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3 Things You Gotta Know About Virtual MasterCard Payments

In today’s evolving accounts payable landscape, there are many technologies and trends to stay abreast of, which makes life difficult for Accounts...

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Accounting Automation Solutions For The People!

If you left this year’s holidays behind and for some reason or other, Santa, your office white elephant, or Great Aunt Mertyl’s gifts to you just...

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4 Problems With Checks & Why To Consider Electronic Payment Solutions

Ho Ho Ho!

As you bustle about in the final days here between now and Christmas, it’s common for most people to tick items off their burgeoning gift...

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